The use of online courses has gained great popularity in today’s day and age. Students prefer to get their courses done online rather than in a classroom face-to-face. This is because online courses can be done according to the time that best suits the students. The following are the best 20 platforms that are used to sell online courses.

  1. Skillshare

Skillshare allows instructors to make courses and upload them online. It even provides the instructors with certain tools that are needed to upload videos related to the courses. People who choose to use this e-learning platform can engage in a network of over 2 million students and teachers.

  1. Udemy

Udemy has no fee charge; however course providers must give 50% of their earnings to every student found. The platform creates innovative and interesting online courses that are in reach of students all over the world.

  1. Click4Course

Instructors are allowed to upload their own content through any device. Moreover users can make as many courses as they would like and instructors can put a limited score needed to pass each test.

  1. WizIQ

The online learning site is as easy to use platform for both instructors and students. It was rated as one of the top learning management systems and its prices range from $190 to $890 every year.

  1. Pathwright

An online learning platform that allows instructor’s to upload the content within a few minutes. Courses can include quizzes, discussions, videos etc. so that learning can be made more enjoyable.

  1. Teachable

Teachable is a platform in which individuals are encouraged to share their knowledge with everyone using the platform. It currently has more than 20000 courses with 7500 instructors and over 4 million students.

  1. EdLoud

This learning platform changes the knowledge of the instructors as a way of revenue for them. It is seen as a great way to be providing knowledge and make money at the same time.

  1. Academy of Mine

It is a multi-functional platform that buys and sells courses online. It allows a strong student and teacher relationship, along with a good teaching strategy and sells courses with several charges.

  1. CourseCraft

People who have a passion to share their knowledge can do so on this platform without having any knowledge regarding coding. Teachers who are on a free plan only have to pay 9% of the transaction fee.

  1. Educadium

It provides cost-effective classes that are available to people all around the world with a proper assessment and certification. The e-learning platform has 3 separate payment packages.

  1. Thinkific

This platform is great place for instructors to sell their online courses. Over 35000 courses are available on thinkific. This e-learning platform has 4 separate payment packages.

  1. Digital Chalk

Digital chalk allows instructors to create sell and market their online courses without any hassle. It also allows the instructors to put whatever charges they would prefer on the courses.

  1. Course Merchant

The platform allows e-business solutions for training as well as educational purposes. Instructors can manage their courses online and can sell their courses through a shopping cart system.

  1. LearnDash

It is known to be the most trusted WordPress LMS and is a number one choice for universities, companies, entrepreneurs globally to create and sell online courses.

  1. OpenSesame

The platform helps instructors to upload courses and then earn certain revenue from it. Users just have to make a profile and upload the courses on them.

  1. LearnWorlds

Instructors can use this platform to create, sell and share online courses from any convenient location. It provides a professional platform that creates an engaging platform for users.

  1. Ruzuku

Ruzuku is known for having a great connection between the instructor and all the users. It is a user friendly platform that is easy to use for everyone. Moreover it has a free 14 day trial.

  1. ProProfs

It has more than thousands of businesses, educators and students who use the online provided courses with great faith. The e-learning platform allows instructors to upload quizzes, videos, discussions etc.

  1. Coggno

Users are allowed to make their own courses as well as their own contents. Payment for the courses can be done through PayPal and charges start from $24.95 monthly.

  1. Rainmaker

It allows users to create articles, videos, audios as part of their content and increase the branding for the courses so that the sales increase. The entire package yearly costs $1740.