Data Scientists – The Definition of Sexy, Trending: Cat Cafes in Japan, Aeon – The Cool New Digital Magazine, Rapture of the Nerds

    1. Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century — I’m told that the words in the title make all the difference in getting noticed on the Web. That has certainly proven true for the Harvard Business Review after it included the word “sexiest” in the title of a recent article.
    2. Meow, Meow, Meow – Japanese Cat CafesCat cafés are huge in Japan right now. As the name suggests, these are coffee shops where cat lovers go to sip overpriced lattes and hang out with an adorable smoosh pile of kitties. In the past five years, exactly 79 such cafés have popped up all over Japan.
    3. Aeon Magazine — Aeon is a new digital magazine of ideas and culture, publishing an original essay every weekday – Invigorating conversations about worldviews, commissioning fine writers in a range of genres, including memoir, science and social reportage.
    4. The Rapture of the Nerds (Charlie Stoss, Cory Doctorow) — available for download and purchase under a CC-A-NC-ND license.
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