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What is Social Media?  It’s yet another way that people are communicating in today’s digital age.


Change is continuous.  The web was announced to the world by Tim Berners-Lee and CERN in 1993 – only 18 years ago.  Before that there were no browsers, no “apps”, no blogs.  The pace of change is increasing, but there is one thing that has never changed:  no man is an island.  


We need to connect with each other.  We need attention, feedback, affection and encouragement.  

We still do that on an individual and small group basis but the web and modern technologies have negated the effect of proximity.  Now we can be connected with people half a globe away and speak with them on a real-time basis and the way we do that is increasingly through Social Media and Social Networking.  





Eric Qualman, author of the book “Socialnomics”, has updated his Social Media Revolution video (June 2011)

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