Your XR3 Hybrid

Get your XR3 Hybrid Plans from Robert G. Riley Enterprises, do a little project in your garage and get from 125 to 225 mpg with this cool two seater plug-in/deisel hybrid: The times are a changing – the high cost of gasoline/diesel will drive the change to sleeker, smaller and more fuel efficient automobiles and…


How Do You Define Web Search?

With the word – Google?  If so, then you are in a RUT. Provided here for your more focused web searching are: 100 useful niche search engines. And as an added bonus – 57 Useful Google Tools You’ve Never Heard of. via College@Home

Green monopoly-house

Google – Uber Monopoly?

Microsoft dominated the PC era – but Google is the salient force in the internet era and is now achieving dominant market share (AKA – MONOPOLY). A recent New York Times article says that Google has more than 60 percent of searches and more than 70 percent of the search ad market. Google is approaching…

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