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Cuddlebee – Gifts for Stylish Babies

Under $100 Mic for Podcasting Reccomendations – …

Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont from TekZilla take a look at some of the best podcasting microphones under $100.

Ten things journalists can do to reinvent journalismHoward Owens – his photography –

Friendship in the Digital Age

pitchengine – Social Media Releases (Free)


– Free Online Video Editing

QuickMBA Logo

- The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

- Expectancy Theory

Hallyu TechKorean Tech News


When LA RockedThe Forgotten Photos

IBM broadband networkin Power Lines

List of Philosophy Videos

Sympozea Digg for Philosophy

Grade Exams by Stairstep Method

DIY Das Keyboardby Jon Lee

Das Keyboard

Recover Your Hacked Blogby Jon Lee

Future ImperfectTechnology and Freedom in an Uncertain World

Wheels Weekly – Car Intel

Secret of Perfect Golf SwingScientists Find Key Point

Green ProphetCleantech and Green Living

a52Visual Effects a52 visual effects

Username Check ToolDo You Have Your Username Registered Across Every Site That You Should?

Username check small

StartUp ZoneMicrosoft Supports Startups

eSwarmGroup Buying – Volume Discount

MooA Printing Company for You

moo we love to print

SlideCreate Your Own Slide Show

KontainSwedish Media Blogging Service

Increase Your Blog’s Alexa Rating

Back Link Checker –  Who Links to Your Blog?

The Death of Blue RaySony Loses Even After Winning

The Printable CEO SeriesPrintable Forms to Manage the day-to-day

Tech BargainsDeals on Everything

YammerYour Private Twitter – Winner TechCrunch 50


CEO ExpressThe Executive’s Internet Portal

CEO Express

Zur RoseDeutsch Apotheke – German homoeopathic & natural  products

NewsVineGet Smarter, Updated by Citizens newsvine

Top 30 Most Popular Online Newspapers

Conversation by DesignDavid Armano

BRASHFor The Boys by Glam Media


Patchwork NationBeyond Red and Blue

HYDESim – High Yield Detonation Effects Simulator

Yearbook Yourself – Your look in the 50s or 60s

People’s Daily Online (English) News from China

Space Adventure – private space flight and tourism

MIT Open Courseware – Free lecture notes, exams, and videos

Zivity – Home of Artists, Models & Rock Stars

Odin – video – Swimming Tiger

Wikipedia on DVD

ZabaSearch – Free People Search

CLOCK of Nines, Only Nines – 3 9s in each digit representation.

Burning Man – video – 2007

Glow in the Dark CAT – Mr. Green Genes

Anti-Robot Weapons – Weaponry Against Robotic Entities

More than 150,000 free images and sounds –Illustrate Your Message

bgC3 – Bill Gates Mysterious New Company

Vista Budgeting – video – Apple Slams Microsoft again

ChinaSMACK – Translated aggregated Chinese Internet –                            Discover another Internet!

The Superficial – All the News You Can Do Without

Meetings – The Practical Alternative to Work

DeanHunt – Because Everyone is Entitled to his Opinion

Open Yale Courses – New Courses Now Available

NotCot – Ideas, Aesthetics & Amusement

AdClubCast – Podcast Interviews – Alex Bogusky

Alex Bogusky Interview – Chapter 12: Media and Creative

Crispin Porter + Bogusky – Making advertising & Creative Content

Hoopla – the book – Break the mold, Visionary Ad Agency

PersonalLifeMedia – expert advice – personal growth

EndangeredMan – Things a Man Must Know

Make Me Psychic – Cartoon by Sally Cruikshank

Baby I Need Your Lovin’ – The Four Tops

Still Alive – video – Sad Robots – Artificial Intelligence

Still Alive – video – Human Voice – Jonathan Coulton

Why Mars and Venus Collide – John Gray Video 51:00

Policy Map – Good Data, Smart Decisions

Amazing Wooden (computerized) Mirror – 830 Wooden Bocks

High Speed Photography – Amazing Images

Bits du Jour –  24 hour discount deals on Windows Apps

The Sun – Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Life on the Farm – 170 Acres, Tractors, Kids, Horses – Heaven

Play Radio Play vs. Police on a Tuesday night

The World Without Us – What Traces of us Would Linger?

AllTop – Choose a Category, Be Informed

Circle Dock – Open Source Circular & Spiral Dock for Windows

Predictably Irrational – Aren’t We All?

DEBKAfile – Intelligence for the international user

Live Piracy Map 2008 – from International Maritime Bureau

15 Tools for Monitoring a Website’s Popularity

GraphicallyDesigning – Making the Blogosphere Pretty

The Daily Beast – The Big Fat Story! News Aggregator

50 Tools To Help Your Blogging – BlogOh!Blog

7 Untapped Ways To Improve Blog Traffic QUICKLY

Web 3.0 Conference & Expo – October 16 – 17, 08

ThinkGlink – Financial Advice & Free Books

The Man Who Stuck His Head Inside a Particle Accelerator

Page Rank is the Ultimate Measure of Online Influence

Satire –

Penzu – Tour Life.  Your Journal

270toWin – Interactive Electoral College Map & History of U.S. Presidential Elections

How to Master PhotoShop in One Week – Elite by Design

Quarkbase – Everything about a Website

960 Grid System – Streamline Web Development Workflow

Amazon’s Bestseller Motivational Books – Top 25

NewsWorthy Audio – Your Personal Audio Newspaper

Extreme Piercing – in Thailand reported by Welt Online

Social Go – Create Your Own Social Network for Free

Visualizations – Chris Harrison

The Psychology of Happiness – 13 Steps to a Better Life

Political Wire Breaking News – Taegan Goddard

Blackle – Google with Black Background – save energy

At the Edge of the world’s knowledge

Blogging the Singularity – our Ascent Toward the Singularity

Science Blogs – the largest online community dedicated to science

Ultra Fractal 5 – create fractals

Online Speech Bank – American

Top 100 American speeches of the 20th century – List of

Tin Man In Search of a Heart – Audio from “Wizard of Oz”

Maximus Address to Roman Cavalry – Audio

SpliCD – Isolate & Share from YouTube Videos

Utteli Utterz – post to your blog by cellphone

Rise of Ideas – Encourage, Inspire, Reveal & Engage

The 25 Most Influential People on the Web – BusinessWeek

9 Keys to Building a Blog You Can Be Proud Of – Life Coaches Blog

ResumeBucket – Store, Share and Access your resume (URL)

Naymz – New Online ID Service – next level networking

In Pictures: Eight Ways To Guard Your Online Privacy

60 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials to create a professional website

Contagious – Quarterly Intelligence Briefing

Have You Heard? – LIVE for Contagious

It’s A Wonderful Internet – Happy Holidays from Ant Farm Interactive

DONTCLICK.IT – Break Your Clicking Habit – Cool!

ENSO – Focus on What You’re Doing – (now free) from Humanized

Publishing 2.0 – The Evolution of Media

For Highest Engagement – Send Readers Away!

10 Hidden Secrets of Windows Live

Increase your flow – use 2 monitors – Kim Komando

Dropbox – Got Internet?  Don’t need thumb drive.

Hardware 2.0 “Best Kit List” for Oct/Nov 08 – Video Cards – ATI, nVida, GeForce

Cruising the BoulevardWoodward Dream Cruise 2008

Fun Cars – Cheap Thrills

U.S. Surname Distribution

Personal Development for Smart People - Steve Pavlina

Defeat John Kerry – Jeff Beatty for U.S. Senate 08

feedmap .net – Blogs From Your Neighborhood

Right Truth – Counterterrorism, Politics, Religion, …

Hulu – the new way to watch TV

Webkare – Japanese Girls Crazy about Virtual Boyfriends

Marine Corps Cadence – I Used to Sit at Home All Day & others

Web Search 101 for DummiesNew Common Craft Video

sigTools –   Spam Free Email Address Graphic from


Dell Latitude P4 M 1.8GHz Notebook – $229.99 at Surplus Computers

Right Whales – photos – National Geographic

Life in Color – Blue – National Geographic

Building A Company From Scratch With LinkedIn Recommendations

Sasha StraussInnovation Protocol

HTML Info & Tutorials – WebSite101

Black America: The Great Choice at RADARSITE

One Simple Question – Who is Barrack Obama? – at RADARSITE

Obama: “You can put lipstick on a pig, It’s still a pig.” (Only one candidate in this race wears lipstick (as far as we know)) at Wake Up America

11 Most Beautiful Coastlines of the World at National Geographic

Gary Goldstein Film Producer at

The Learning Revolution (Online Book) at

BustedTees at bustedtees.comget our cool T’s here from Josh!

Geek Dad at
Flow at
How to Grow a Blog at
Mihály Csíkszentmihályi at

Internet History at

the International Association for Jungian Studies at

Blog – nVision 08 – The World of Visual Computing at

Papa John & his videos on

Evolution of Dance No Longer King: An Era Has Ended at

Take Control – ebook samples at

MicroFormats University: 100+ Articles & Resources at

Cool Vendors in Infrastructure Protection, 2008 at (Consulting & Research)

Digital Web Magazine at

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