Did you know you can attract more traffic with mobile search ads! For every online conversion, you get four new store visits! Read more!

The advertisers who invest in mobile search ads can finally celebrate! There is a direct link to offline store visits and this link can optimize all of their messages accordingly.

The connected users now move between online and offline and increasingly utilize smartphone devices as their navigation aids.

The marketers have to make better decisions when it comes to ad spend allocation in order to drive more traffic across the online and offline world – from online to offline store and back again.

The newest analysis and research show that for every online conversion on smartphone device driven by search ads, there are four new store visits.

Online sales are increasing rapidly, however, most of the consumer purchases are still completed in-store. At this point, you should focus on understanding the connection between store visits and online activity. This will help your brand optimize its in-store conversion rate.

Sales team will know that online promoting and advertising are assisting in driving more leads and can utilize their skills to close sales with consumers who aren’t just “window shopping”

One sector that is benefiting the most from this performance insight is auto. Before, the in-market prospects would have ordered brochures, looked at a magazine review, booked various test drives, until a decision is being made. Today, 9 out of 10 car buyers are looking for information online. They want to read product performance reviews, specs, trade-in prices, best deals, and etc.

Nissan and BMW needed more accurate information and details on the connection between online visits and activities. By utilizing Store Visit Conversions in AdWords they have an opportunity to analyze and research data at a keyword level. Nissan used the information to optimize and improve its online ad spend and experienced a 5% conversion rate from clicks on mobile search ads. BMW on the other hand saw 3.5% of clicks on a search ads and managed to convert this to a car dealership visit within one month.

You need to keep in mind that mobile is where the most user journeys begin and more and more searches now take place on smartphones than on desktop computers. With the fact that online ad spend works hard in producing offline leads, the marketers can create fully integrated campaigns.