Nowadays there are several online platforms available for artists to sell their paintings. However there are so many well known platforms that it make become harder for artists to decide which one is the best for them. As a matter of fact, it is not important which online site to choose to sell art. People can choose between multiple platforms such as etsy, shopify, fine art America, Saatchi or even their own website.

It is important for artists to explore around the platforms they have found and to research about the one they want to choose. They also need to promote their art work to the right people so that others may be aware of their paintings. The following are other factors that artists should take into consideration while choosing their platform to sell their art.

Artists can start their own website where they can showcase their art work and sell it to potential buyers. People can create their own website depending on how much money they are willing to invest in it or they could use a platform such as Etsy or Shopify as they can be a cheaper choice as compared to setting up a new website.

When choosing a platform, artists need to see what is best for their buyers. They need to pick a platform that is makes their customers happy. A platform is perfect if they have a good shipping method; an easy checkout system and a good follow up. The platform should also have an easy access to the buyers email addresses so that they can be contacted and communicated with.

Another optional factor is if the platform allows the artists to brand their art work on the platform that they choose to work with. Some platforms allow the artists to get it altered in to the design that bests portray the art work being showcased. However this factor is not as important as the other ones mentioned earlier.

Artists are not obligated to use a single platform throughout their career, as they evolve they can evolve. As artists’ income increases their priorities change as well. Choosing a platform does not promote an artists’ art work. No social media, blog or website can promote someone’s art work. Only the artist themselves can promote their art work in the best way possible.